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The Vivid brand name represents GE’s cardio-vascular line of ultrasound scanners. It covers the whole cardio-vascular segment, all the way for the top performing high-end systems, designed for demanding calculations and extreme workload performance, to the lower-end workhorse models, designed for simplicity, mobility and targeting quick return on investment.

The Vivid series are marketed for advanced technology, prestige and work confidence, delivering exceptional cardiac imaging with a heavy list of examination possibilities, featuring:

  • 4D imaging
  • Transesophageal echocardiography (TEE)
  • Advanced LV performance through AutoEF, TSI, AFI and LVO contrast
  • Strain imaging
  • Tissue Velocity Imaging
  • Tissue Tracking
  • Tissue Synchronization Imaging
  • Auto EF
  • ICE (Intra-Cardiac Echo imaging catheters)

The top performer in the Vivid family is the E9 bringing innovation and advanced architecture in its box, delivering excellent processing speed and image quality.

Models Available: Vivid 7 Dimension, Vivid S5, Vivid S6, Vivid T8, Vivid E9, Vivid e, Vivid i, Vivid q

Obstetrics/Gynecology and women’s health

The Voluson brand is the signature series for GE’s prestige women’s health ultrasound product line.

It is a top performance, high-output product line, that gained its popularity by revolutionizing the 4D imaging practice, when the Voluson 730 series was introduced over a decade ago.

Today the Voluson series have evolved and introduced various models to address all OB/GYN clinical needs and price segments.

The major highlight features are:

  • Advanced 4D calculations and biopsy
  • HDLive option in the high-end models for vivid and realistic imaging
  • Contrast imaging
  • Elsatography
  • Advanced speckle reduction for better imaging and more confident diagnostics
  • Fast calculations and high output

The E-series is the performance pioneer, carrying prestige and extreme-performance, all to satisfy the most demanding and busy practices. These systems are designed for excellency in image clarity with rapid performance, focused on serving high-volume practices, that demand image quality and efficiency.

Models Available: Voluson E8 RSA, Voluson E10 RSA, Voluson E8, Voluson E6, Voluson 730 PRO and Expert, Voluson S6 and S8, Voluson e, Voluson i

General Radiology

The Logiq brand name is GE’s family covering all general radiology, vascular, MSK and breast imaging, shared service, urology and point-of-care clinical needs. This versatile family comes in various performance segments, with expert tools, ready to meet the radiologists’ needs and individual work habits.

The Logiq families’ features and performance highlights are:

  • XDclear technology for confident diagnostics in even the most challenging cases
  • 4D imaging
  • Cardiac imaging
  • Intraoperative probes support
  • Shear Wave elastography for non-invasive liver examinations
  • Volume Navigation / Fusion – allows merging real-time ultrasound imaging with previous exams for comparing anatomy of interest
  • Contrast Imaging

The top performers that stand out are the E and S series, delivering application diversity and product innovation with GE’s XDclear technology, addressing the complexity of diagnosing hard to examine patients.

Models Available: Logiq E9 XDclear and non-XDclear, Logiq S8 XDclear and non-XDclear, Logiq S7, Logiq P6, Logiq P5, Logiq F8, Logiq V5, Logiq e, Logiq 9, Logiq 7, Logiq 5

Point of care

GE’s point of care segment offers a few varied ultrasound scanners, that cover the different areas medical professionals need to cover

  • Venue 40 and 50 – compact, simple and intuitive scanners featuring applications for:
  • Vascular
  • Anesthesia
  • Musculoskeletal
  • Point of Care
  • Interventional
  • Logiq e – portable and powerful performer, featuring radiology and shared service options:
  • Logiqview
  • Anatomical M-mode
  • TDI
  • Spatial compounding
  • High frequency 16MHz probe support
  • Cardiac and Tee probe support
  • V-scan with sector probe – handheld scanner for quick imaging
  • V-scan with dual probe – handheld scanner for quick imaging, featuring a double probe (sector and linear)
  • V-scan Access with convex probe – portable scanner, with full touch-screen control, excellent for the practitioner on the move

Models Available: Venue 40 and 50, Logiq e, V-scan with sector probe, V-scan with dual probe, V-scan Access with convex probe