Other brands

TJ-imaging has good knowledge, network and capacity for delivering quality systems, that are rare on the market. We match the desired configuration at the right price. We continuously work with solutions from:

Sonosite for point-of-care / mobile solutions. The main models we process requests for are:

  • S-series with S-MSK in particular, matching demanding high-frequency musculoskeletal point-of-care projects
  • M-turbo and the older Micromaxx, serving all-around shared service projects, with high-mobility and durability in focus

BK Medical for specialized urology projects, offering one of a kind dedicated endo-cavitary transducers, with unmatched penetration and imaging capabilities. 3D and bi-planar imaging combined with histoscanning upgrade possibilities, open new opportunities for urology practices. The most popular models we deliver to highly-respected urologists are:

  • Flexfocus 400 / 500 / 800 series
  • Profocus series

Toshiba Medical for the general radiology projects, that rely on Japanese quality and 2D performance. With Toshiba’s signature technologies ApliPure and Precision Imaging, radiologists achieve better clarity, improved contrast with delineation of lesions and vessels, high tissue uniformity and continuity, all leading to a sharp image for confident diagnostics. Models available:

  • Aplio XG
  • Aplio 300 / 400 / 500 series

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