Siemens cardiac ultrasound imaging performance systems date back to the end of the 20th century, when the Acuson Sequoia and Antares were pioneering this clinical area.

Later in year 2000 Siemens Medical announced the acquisition of Acuson and hence taking over the high performance family, popular among cardiologists. The successor S2000 family was introduced in the early 2000s, which was later upgraded with a dedicated cardiac SC2000 model. This one represents the top-of-the line series and support of advanced transducers via high-end processing architecture.

Some of the highlights in this family of systems are:

  • True Volume 3D Tee, giving precise imaging of anatomy and blood flow, combined with valve modelling and quantification
  • Transthroacic (TTE) imaging
  • Transesophageal (TEE) imaging
  • Intracardiac (ICE) imaging via advanced Acuson AcuNav ultrasound catheters
  • Advanced transducer support
  • Full cardiac imaging including 3D/4D imaging, strain and volume measurements
  • Advanced cardiac options featuring eSie Valves advanced package for aortic and mitral valve modelling

Models Available: S2000 and SC2000

Obstetrics/Gynecology and women’s health

Siemens women’s health series spread over a broad product range, starting from very compact intuitive and easy to use systems and reaching high-end solutions, offering complex calculations and image processing. The popular models on the market we see these days are mainly from the X series and S series.
The X series, represented mainly by X150, X300 and X300 Premium Edition, X700. These compact performers cover the entry to mid-range performance and price segment, offering compact size, mobility and a standard set of transducers to meet the everyday patient flow.
The S series, represented by S1000, S2000 and S3000, stand out with their high-performance hardware and being ready to meet a busy patient flow, together with exceptionally broad upgrade opportunities.

The highlights in the high class of this modality are:

  • Advanced HD transducer technology in both abdominal and superficial applications
  • Excellent elastography performance for both breast and liver shearwave
  • 4D imaging
  • Automated Breast Volume Scanning (ABVS)
  • Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound (CEUS)
  • Multi-modality imaging for merging CT and MRI images with real-time ultrasound
  • Touch-screen control in the new HELX generation

Models Available: X150, X300, X300 Premium Edition, X700, S1000, S2000, S3000, HELX system

General radiology

Siemens has historically proven excellent presence in the development of ultrasound imaging technologies. Over the last two decades, the models popular on the market were mainly from the G, X and S series, together with the older Antares and Sequoia. The Antares, Sequoia and G series have been discontinued and obsolete for quite some years now, so what is currently seen mostly on the market are X and S series, which were recently contemplated by the P (portable) and NX mid-range series. A recent groundbreaking addition to the general radiology segment, was the introduction of the Freestyle scanner. It comes with wireless probe technology and is the first of its kind on the market.

Some of the highlights in this product segment are:

  • Broad option upgrade possibilities to match the individual clinical diagnostic needs
  • Enhancement technologies – Tissue Contrast Enhancement, Vascular Enhancement, SieClear multi-view spatial compounding, Tissue Grayscale Optimization
  • eSie Touch elastography
  • Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse (ARFI) imaging, shearwave elastography
  • Touch-screen control in the P500, NX3 and new HELX S-series

Models Available: Freestyle, P300, P500, X150, X300, X300 Premium Edition, NX2, NX3, X700, S1000, S2000, S3000, HELX systems

Point of care

Siemens proves to have challenged the ultrasound innovation with the recent launch of the Freestyle scanner. It is the first of its kind, supporting fully wireless probe technology, meaning no cables coming in the way while scanning. The portable and point of care solutions by Siemens are represented by the P300 and P500 series, together with the Freestyle.

The major highlights in these series are:

  • High mobility, adaptability and intuitive control
  • Deigned for interventional and close to the patient use
  • Excellent needle guidance with enhanced needle visualization
  • Auto Flash Artifact Suppression for image noise reduction
  • Pixelformer image processing – sharp imaging with no need to adjust focal point
  • Optimized infection control

Models Available: P300, P500, Freestyle