GE Healthcare

The GE Healthcare ultrasound systems divide into a few modality dedicated family groups, each covering a specialized clinical area.

The Vivid lineup hosts the cardiac ultrasound solutions family of systems, ranging from low to high-end units, each having its unique balance between price and performance.

The Voluson family of systems is the signature series for GE Healthcare Women’s Healthcare (WHC). It has gained its popularity by revolutionizing the 4D imaging practice over a decade ago. Over time the Voluson series evolved and introduced various models to address all OB/GYN clinical needs and price segments.

The Logiq lineup is covering general radiology, vascular, MSK, breast imaging, urology and point-of-care clinical needs. The top performers in this modality support XDClear technology, addressing the complexity of diagnosing hard-to-exam-patients.

The GE Healthcare point of care modalities are portable, compact and easy to use systems. These are generally used for anesthesia, vascular and MSK applications.