Obstetrik gynækologi

Hera W10/9 (+ I10)

  • Exceptional image clarity and color sensitivity powered by Chrystal Architecture™
  • MV Flow™ provides a detailed view of slow flow in micro vascularized structures.
  • Assess fetal hemodynamics in a whole new way with Lumiflow™. This new technology provides dimensional visualization of blood flow, which aids in quickly understanding vessel boundaries.
  • Shadow HDR™ helps brighten areas of high attenuation without washing out areas that are already well visualized, when evaluating areas of the anatomy that are susceptible to shadowing, such as the fetal head or spine
  • Adaptable ergonomics designed for all day scanning comfort.

RS85 Prestige

  • MV-Flow™ is an advanced doppler technology providing detailed documentation of microvascular perfusion into tissues and organs.
  • LumiFlow™ displays a 3D-like appearance to 2D color doppler enhancing spatial comprehension of blood vessels.
  • ShadowHDR™ is designed to suppress shadows and enhances the clarity of grayscale images.
  • S-Shearwave™ Imaging™ offers a non-invasive and quantifiable method to determine tissue or lesion stiffness also on high frequency linear probes.
  • Liver Analysis Technology provides a semi-automated process to quantify liver steatosis.
  • Advanced ergonomics helps you optimize the position of the system to help reduce repetitive motion stresses


Advanced image quality by leveraging the S-Vision imaging engine and
S-Vue™ transducers.

  • EZ-Exam+™, EZ Compare™, and Advanced QuickScan help save time and improve workflow, so you can focus more on your patients.
  • Comprehensive selection of transducers available for a wide range of clinical applications.
  • CrystalVue™, Realistic Vue™, XI-STIC, Multi-Slice View™, and Oblique View™.
  • Battery Assist allows the system to be quickly moved without shutting down or to scan up to 25 minutes without power.


  • Sharp and detailed 2D image quality.
  • EZ-Exam+™ and Quick Preset help streamline your workflow
  • Slim, lightweight design for efficient use of small spaces and moving from room to room.
  • Mulighed for batteridrift
  • Nervetrack
  • Kompakt design
  • 21,5” monitor
  • 10,1” touchskærm
  • Stort udvalg af prober

Samsung V8

  • Nyhed
  • Crystal Architecture teknologi
  • Super billedkvalitet
  • Mulighed for batteridrift op til 75 min
  • Nervetrack
  • AI funktion S-detect
  • 23,8” monitor
  • 14” touchskærm
  • Kompakt design
  • Stort udvalg af prober