Rheumatologi (MSK)

RS85 prestige

MV-FlowTM is an advanced doppler technology providing detailed documentation of microvascular perfusion into tissues and organs.

  • LumiFlowTM displays a 3D-like appearance to 2D color doppler enhancing spatial comprehension of blood vessels.
  • ShadowHDRTM is designed to suppress shadows and enhances the clarity of grayscale images.
  • S-ShearwaveTM ImagingTM offers a non-invasive and quantifiable method to determine tissue or lesion stiffness also on high frequency linear probes.
  • Liver Analysis Technology provides a semi-automated process to quantify liver steatosis.
  • Advanced ergonomics helps you optimize the position of the system to help reduce repetitive motion stresses.


  • Advanced image quality by leveraging the S-Vision imaging engine and
    S-Vue™ transducers.
  • EZ-Exam+™, EZ Compare™, and Advanced QuickScan help save time and improve workflow, so you can focus more on your patients.
  • Comprehensive selection of transducers available for a wide range of clinical applications.
  • CrystalVue™, Realistic Vue™, XI-STIC, Multi-Slice View™, and Oblique View™.
  • Battery Assist allows the system to be quickly moved without shutting down or to scan up to 25 minutes without power.


  • Sharp and detailed 2D image quality.
  • EZ-Exam+™ and Quick Preset helps streamline your workflow.
  • Slim, lightweight design for efficient use of small spaces and moving from room to room.


  • Emphasis is placed on speed, portability, and ergonomics.
  • Hybrid Beamforming Engine enables more detailed scanning.
  • Single Crystal Probe for improved penetration and axial resolution.
  • Maximize the viewing area in Full Screen Mode™
  • Nyhed
  • Bærbar skanner
  • CrystalLive
  • Mulighed for op til 6 timers batteritid
  • 15” monitor
  • Full screen mode
  • Brugervenlig design
  • Stort udvalg af prober og Carts

Samsung V8

  • Nyhed
  • Crystal Architecture teknologi
  • Super billedkvalitet
  • Mulighed for batteridrift op til 75 min
  • Nervetrack
  • AI funktion S-detect
  • 23,8” monitor
  • 14” touchskærm
  • Kompakt design
  • Stort udvalg af prober